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Wooden Jet Fin - Zebrawood - 1.1 Woodworks

Wooden Jet Fin - Zebrawood

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Our Wooden Jet Fin in Zebrawood - 'to scale' wooden replica of the distinctive fin design recognized by military divers, tech divers, deep divers, commercial divers, and old-school recreational divers all over the world. Made from a solid slab of exotic African Zebrawood.

  • 20" x 9.5"
  • Sold as a Solid Wood Fin without striping*
  • Braided 550 cord handle, single color or two color
  • Zebrawood is a beautifully patterned exotic wood with bold light and dark striping.
  • Lead time is 2-3 weeks. (please contact us if on a time crunch)
  • Each order is for one wooden jet fin. 

*We offer Zebrawood fins in their natural form to showcase the wood's stunning stripes and natural beauty, without additional striping that would detract from its unique characteristics

 **Please Read Before Purchase**

What about my 550 cord handle? We include braided 550 cord around the handle in a number of options, (white, yellow, orange, red, turquoise, Navy blue, gray, black, olive drab green). You can select either a single color or two colors that will be braided together! (If selecting two colors please list them both on the order notes page)

The costs of exotic Zebrawood are significantly higher than those of other domestic hardwoods featured on our site, reflecting its unique allure and scarcity.


To provide you with the most comfortable buying experience, we will finalize a design proof with you BEFORE you make your purchase.

  • Laser engravings are INCLUDED in the price of your Zebrawood fin.
  • For our Zebrawood fins, we are currently not using customization with paint or stain.

Our fins are guaranteed! Check out our pictures to see what's possible. If you've got a specific idea in mind, send us a message and we'll work together to create something completely custom for you. Your fin will arrive exactly as you wanted (or better!) or we'll work diligently to resolve any issues.

There are always slight variations in wood grain and color when working with wood. We do our very best to select the highest quality of hardwoods from our supplier. They sometimes feature occasional imperfections and color variations that highlight the unique beauty and authenticity of hand-crafted real wood.

Customer Reviews

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Robert Weiss
Customized Zebrawood Jet Fin

An ad for 1.1 Woodworks on a scuba diving Facebook page caught my attention as a very unique item. 1.1 Woodworks laser engraved our company logo and the Scubapro Jetfin logo with precision and shipped the artwork within days of receiving our order. From my initial inquiry to receiving the finished product, 1.1 Woodworks demonstrated prompt communication, set expectations and delivered as expected. They deserve our 5-star rating.

Order with confidence and enjoy their beautiful products.

Robert Weiss
Lake Travis Scuba
Our Business Is Taking A Dive!
Facebook: Lake Travis Scuba and Robert Laketravisscuba Weiss

I highly recommend 1.1 Woodworks