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When will my order be shipped?

- As of 1 September 2023, current lead times are between 2-3 weeks for flags and signs and 5-7 weeks for shadow boxes and custom pieces .  All of our prices include free UPS Ground or USPS Priority Mail shipping.

I was told my shadow box is added to your calendar, what does that mean?

- We have never missed a retirement ceremony deadline. In order to accommodate special timelines, such as retirement ceremonies, our workshop may prioritize and ship orders out of sequence; this ensures that all customers receive their items before their respective deadlines, and it allows us to take on last-minute orders that we would otherwise have to decline.

What does expedited shipping mean?

- If you select Expedited Shipping at checkout, we place your order at the top of our order queue.  You will receive your item approximately 5-10 business days sooner than you would have with the standard shipping option, or sooner if pre-coordinated with us. Contact us for unique circumstances. 

What does 1.1 mean?

- 1.1 is the US Department of Transportation hazard class for high-explosive cargo.  Our logo is designed from the official DOT placard.

What type of wood do you use?

- We use multiple wood species based on your requirements, desired looks, and durability.

What is a "Union Only Sign"?

- A Union Only Sign is a sign made from only the union (the area of the flag with the stars) of a particular flag.  These have no stripes.  We can bevel or round the edge at no additional charge.  Comes with a saw-tooth wall hanger on the back.

What type of paint do you use?

- We use premium, oil-based enamel matte, satin, and semi-gloss paint.  Want a specific sheen, tell us in your order notes!

Can I return my order?

- We do not offer returns on custom-made products.  We work with you carefully during the design process by sending full-color design proofs of your order before we start production.  We don't start on your project until you're satisfied that you're getting exactly what you want.

What if my order is damaged during shipping?

- In the unlikely event that your order is damaged during shipping, contact us and we'll work to get you a replacement.

Do you offer expedited orders/shipping?

- Yes!  If you're working on a time-crunch, we offer fast-track orders and expedited shipping.  Contact us directly for more details.

What type of CNC do you use?

- We use custom-made 2' x 4' and 4' x 4' CNCs.